Film. TV. Media. With Female Superheroes.

FAQ You asked, we answered.

What is Femme Powered Productions?

Femme Powered Productions is a character-based multi-platform entertainment company featuring a story universe of new, diverse female superheroes in a variety of media.

Femme Powered Productions also seeks to increase women’s professional representation in all areas of media and performance including writing, producing, directing, performing, and behind the scenes in all capacities.

What does Micky Small do?

I create and tell stories both individually and collaboratively.

I am a writer/producer/performer and content creator for theatre and media.

Why should I work with you?


That’s a really good question!

1) I can help you with writing or producing theatre or media projects

2) I can speak at your event about female superheroes and/or female or LGBT representation in the arts and media

3) I can write content for your blog, magazine or other publication featuring pop culture, LGBT or female representation in media, female superhero/science fiction/action or fantasy entertainment.

What’s your favorite tv show?

That has now become a tie between Agent Carter and Supergirl. I aspire to write characters as strong, nuanced, and well-loved as Peggy and Kara/Supergirl are.

I wear a ring based on one of Peggy’s signature phrases : “I know my value.”

She inspires me every day to keep writing, creating, and putting stories out into the world.